The company

Our team

In our warehouse

Simone picks up the items for shipping

Franco packages the shipments

Fabio while loading the courier

Corrado while checking the reception of goods documents

Mattia design by CAD the realization of a mechanical component

Pino welds the inner core of a compressor roller

Mattia controls the hardness of a share with the durometer

Pino at work in the workshop

Roberto arranges spares in stock

Simone packs an export shipment with the shrink wrap

Anna on the phone with a client (90s)

Bruno at work in the 90s

Gianfranco on the phone with a supplier

Fabrizio coming back from visiting customers

Alessandra explains the use of our WEB CATALOG during Agritechnica (Hannover)

Valeria organizes the accounting

Patrizia gives the transport document

Pino packs the hitch pins with the heat packaging machine

Santa Claus delivers presents

Marcella celebrates 20 years of activity

Our precious accountant Renato is still with us

A surprise party for Bruno's 80th birthday

50 years of activity celebration


People are the FOUNDATIONS of our company.

Marcella Olearo, head of the company for more than 25 years, is the second generation in the family business that is L'Agricola Ricambi. A well-coordinated and synergized team was created thanks to hers and everyone else’s effort, giving the possibility to every employee to grow professionally.

With only 15 employees, we are able to achieve results comparable to those of much bigger companies. Our new location and division of roles allow us to monitor all activities and substitute and/or help a colleague in case of need, without any slowdown to our renowned EXPRESS SERVICE on deliveries.

Flexibility, in fact, turned out to be our GREATEST STRENGTH.