Our History


In 1967 Bruno Olearo, after a decade of experience in the design of agricultural machinery, decides to set up his own business, producing and marketing SPARE PARTS for HAY MACHINERY
He arranged some rooms as a warehouse in his house and with a van travels around Italy looking for new customers and suppliers. 
To illustrate all the products he deals with, Bruno publishes the first GENERAL SPARE PARTS CATALOG already at the beginning of the '70s. In this way, it realizes the TOOL that will distinguish our company for years to come. 
In the mid-80s, some YOUNG PEOPLE join the owner and enthusiastically contribute to the growth and success up to the present day.

Marcella Olearo joins the family business in February 1992. She immediately introduces the digitalization in all the activities and takes care of the drafting of the catalog using publishing software. 
She designs our new headquarters that are built and made operational in a very short time in 1995. With a total surface of 2500 square meters, the new structure allows to improve the LOGISTICS and allows to offer to all customers the EXPRESS  SERVICE  operated in collaboration with national express couriers. After almost 30 years of activity, our company counts NUMEROUS CUSTOMERS in ITALY and throughout the WORLD.

L'Agricola Ricambi, esteemed for the SPEED of DELIVERIES and for the QUALITY of its PRODUCTS, in 2001 is chosen as DEALER for the ITALIAN MARKET by the company RASSPE, the world leader in the construction of KNOTTERS for the SQUARE BALERS and in the production of cutting components for haymaking and harvesting.

In less than 10 years, the growth of the turnover makes necessary once again THE EXPANSION for storage, packaging and shipment management spaces. Between 2001 and 2005, another 2000 square meters are built and an adjacent warehouse is acquired, reaching a covered area of over 7000 square meters. The OFFICES were relocated on this occasion and enlarged into a single OPEN SPACE to improve communication between colleagues.

With the inclusion in the company of a QUALITY MANAGER in 2010, the QUALITY LEVEL OF GOODS is raised, already guaranteed by the reliability of our SELECTED SUPPLIERS. Also, the SPARE PARTS DESIGN, made initially with manual technical drawings by Olearo, is now perfected by the use of CAD.

2012 sees a significant turning point: Marcella conceives an effective and simple management program to PUBLISH our catalog ONLINE DAILY. The newly developed WEB CATALOG, thanks to an easy and intuitive consultation, becomes a SHOWCASE OF OUR PRODUCTS open to the whole world. It immediately reveals to be a USEFUL WORK TOOL made available to all our customers to redirect the research of the end users to the various distributors of our products on the territory.

The FUTURE is already TODAY: every day we introduce improvements wherever we see their need.
We are grateful for the esteem shown over the years by our customers and we are compelled to offer the best to those who choose us as their partner.