Fast delivery all over Italy

Founded in 1967 to satisfy the demand for the regional market, in four decades our company has increased its market in all Italy, obtaining a position of prominence in the Italian spare parts sector, first of all thanks to an unexceptionable express delivery service.

A high, constant qualitative level has also allowed an expansion beyond the frontiers, where great approval has been met with by a growing foreign custom.

At the same time, our sectors have been greatly extended, from those more specialized to those ones more ordinary, always without disregarding our main objectives: quality of the products and speed in the delivery service.

Express delivery

Internal transport

A structure of 12,000 m2 - 6,500 of which indoors - with a warehouse extended on more than 6 km shelves (approximately 5000 pallet places), allows us to manage great stocks guaranteeing the availability of all the items in every period of the year.

Before being packed, all the articles are controlled accurately in order to verify material quality and size congruity for a correct assembly.

A modern, fast warehouse logistics, coordinated by an advanced BUSINESS software as well as fast machines for the inner handling system, enables the carrying out of more than 200 orders a the day. For large quantities only a longer production time is required.

Accurate control

All spare parts are showed in our catalogue, which is updated constantly, with references, trade marks, models, drawings and quotations for an easy choice of the items.

L'AGRICOLA RICAMBI s.r.l. is exclusive distributor for Italy:
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